About Move Food

Move Food is a system that connects Sources with extra food to Movers who pick up the food and deliver to Destinations– either pre-designated or ad hoc.

Sources can be from restaurants, catering companies, hotels and the like.
Movers are people who have some extra time on their hands to do something good.
Destinations are people and places who need a good meal.

We try to make it that simple.

Please see our Often Asked Questions page for more info.

If you have any questions, please email us: questions at movefood.org.

Executive Director/Founder/Design
Kip Silverman
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Board of Directors

Sandy Garfunkel
Micky Matthews
Bob Ramsak

Partners and Resources

 Tomolla Consulting a sustainability-focused consulting practice that helps organizations improve operational efficiency by minimizing material waste and recovering value from resources.
Beneficial State Bank is a B-Corporation bank whose vision is  “to create a sustainable, meaningful community development bank and a supporting nonprofit organization.”